Crafts center

Opportunity to learn a wide range of positions, including wattling and weaving. It is possible to buy products of Lubana district craftmans - baskets, ceramics, knited socks, a rag rugs, textil and more.

Adress: O. Kalpaka street 4, Lubāna, Lubāna district, Latvija, LV – 4830

Phone: +371 26153249


Cellar “Pie ķērpīšiem”



Adress: O. Kalpaka street 4, Lubāna, Lubāna district, Latvija, LV – 4830

Phone: +371 26565071, +371 28395276



Lubāna Evangelical Lutheran church



The church was built in Neogothic style between 1868 and 1872 according to the construction plan of J.Kampe. It has an uncommon planning, for the building incorporates two churches – the big and the small one. In the apse of the small church stands a stained glass window. The church has a pompous Neo-gothic altar with the altar painting “Christ on the Cross”. The church organ was built by Augusts Martins in 1987. From the church tower, it is possible to see the panorama of Lubāna town and its surroundings. Three artistic monuments of national significance are located in the church: the organ, the stained glass window “Christ with Children” and two stained glasses in the door.

Address: Baznīcas iela 1, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia, LV–4830

Phone: +371 26391527, +371 22020801

Church services: every Sunday at 10.00 am



Lubāna Holy Family Roman Catholic church



The congregation started to form in 1934, when agricultural labourers, timber rafters and river dredgers from Latgale, eastern part of Latvia, came to Lubāna. In order to maintain their spiritual life, the dean of Borhova congregation Miķelis Dukaļskis started to hold services in private homes and high school’s premises in 1934. In 1938 the engineer Antons Kursītis bought an incomplete twostorey building and presented it to the congregation. In 1961 under the guidance of Priest Jāzeps Grišāns the building was rebuilt and arranged according to the needs of the congregation. Since then 19 clergymen from the nearest surroundings have served in this church. There are about 50 believers in the congregation. Services are held every Sunday and in all Church holidays.

Address: Brīvības iela 7, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia, LV–4830

Phone: +371 64894694


The monument of Colonel Oskars Kalpaks



The family burial-ground of the first Commander-in-Chief of Latvian armed forces Oskars Kalpaks (1882–1919) in Visagals cemetery with the monument created by Kārlis Zāle and Arnolds Dzirkalis in 1927.

Address: Visagala kapi, Indrānu pagasts, Lubānas novads, Latvia


 The old cemetery of Lubāna



For ceturies, the old cemetery of Lubāna town has treasured old legends: about the mortuary as a chamber of bones and the gravestone of the organist Bernhard Stamm.

Interments in this cemetery were carried out the 1960s. In the Old Cemetery lie the bearers of the Order of Lāčplēsis Jānis Rullis (1898-1950) and Jānis Ziediņš (1896-1940), as well as several soldiers who fought in the Latvian War of Independence: Augusts Vīksne (1897-1920), Konrāds Ērglis (1891-1919), Roberts Dzirkals (1892-1919), and Arvīds Augstmanis (1901-1920). Folklorist Mārtiņš Celmiņš (1863-1936), photographer Alfrēds Grāvers (1877-1954), teacher Pēteris Alfrēds Šmits (1876-949) and first pastor of Latvian nationality in Lubāna Lutheran church Augusts Peitāns (1823-1870) are also buried in this cemetery.

Address: Oskara Kalpaka iela 10, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia


Stone park “Vaidavas”



The stone park “Vaidavas” has one of the biggest collections of stones in Latvia  approx. 4000 stones), which is distributed in area of 2 ha. The visitors can also visit an exhibition of old household objects and tools, a collection of tea-cups (around1500 cups) and “The Little Ghost House”, where they can meet different nature formations.

Address: “Vaidavas”, Indrānu pagasts, Lubānas novads, Latvia, LV–4830.

Phone: +371 26565071 E-mail:



Tree nurserie "Podiņi"



The arboretum „Podiņi” is a state-owned enterprise, which the JSC “Latvijas Valsts meži” is taking care of. Currently it is one of most progressive arboretums in the Baltics, and one of the three biggest tree plantations in Latvia.

Address: „Podiņi”, Indrānu pagasts, Lubānas novads, Latvia,LV–4830

Phone: +371 29197339


Memorial site didicated to the soldiers of Latvian legion and national partisans in the Lubāna New Cemetery

The memorial site was opened on July 25th, 1992. 26 legionaries and national artisans were reburied here. Lubāna’s unit of Latvian National Soldiers Society established the monument and the memorial site. The memorial stone was made by Andris Briezis.

Address: Lubānas jaunie kapi, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia 


Visagals cemetery



In this cemetery reburied first Commander-in-Chief of Latvian armed forces Oskars Kalpaks, who has become a legend and hero for all Latvian nation. In Visagals cemetery rests in piece Latvian poet Janis Gavars. In his poetry we can find the beuty of nature, love and life in countryside. In Visagals cemetery you can find memotial stone “For countrymen”, inaugurated in October 7th, 1989. The gravestone holds this inscription: „To those who were killed and tortured in war, to those who have stayed forever in far and unknown graveyards, and who are missing.” The memorial stone was made by Andris Briezis.

Address: Visagala kapi, Indrānu pagasts, Lubānas novads, Latvija


Memorial stone dedicated to the victims of communist terror



The memorial site was opened on March 25th, 1989. The stone was brought from the “Olgasīļi” farm. It has not been reshaped in any way. The bronze bas-relief was made by Āris Smildzers (born 1962) and Aivars Vīlipsons (born 1964). The memorial site was landscaped in 2011 with the help of Lubāna municipality self-government and Madona Municipality Fund. Each year on March 25th and June 14th inhabitants of the municipality gather around the stone to commemorate the deportations of 1941 and 1949.

Address: Krasta iela 3 B, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia


Memorial stone dedicated to the pioneers of Lake Lubāns regulation work



The memorial stone on the bank of the Aiviekste River (near Parka Street 1) is a historical testimony that tells us about the enormous regulation works, during which the river was dredged in a 70 km stretch and straightened for 8 km in order to prevent floods. These works were carried out by the Administrations of Lake Lubāns Regulations Works established in 1926. Its head was the designer of the regulation works, communication engineer Antons Kursītis (1883 –1968), who received the Three-Star Order for his achievements. The memorial stone was made by Andris Briezis.

Address: Parka 1, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia