The Lubāna Region Youth Center is a department of the Lubāna municipality. The main aim of the centre is to promote the initiative of the youth, their participation in decision-making and public life.


Each young person from Lubāna or Meirāni parish can fulfill his ideas, organize various events, contests, actions and other activities to improve himself, acquire new skills and to ensure new activities for himself and other residents of the Lubāna region. It is also a great chance to make new friends and contacts, find allies and spend one’s free time useful.


The Youth Centre organizes activities, coordinates inter-regional, regional and national competitions and exhibitions, provides training courses and seminars, prepares concerts, charity events, projects, forums, and promotes international cooperation and voluntary work. Age of participants: 13 -25 years


Contact us: Specialist of Youth Affairs Linda Pomere

Address: Oskara Kalpaka iela 4, Lubāna, Lubānas novads, Latvia, LV-4830

Phone: +371 27007914

E-mail: jc@lubana.vānas-novada-jauniešu-centrs/