Lubana’s Oak of Money

In Lubana’s neighbouring region of Meirani, there was a household that belonged to two brothers. It’s previous owner, their father, had recently died, leaving the house and the terittory it encompasses as well as a decent sum of money to his sons. One of the sons followed in his father’s footsteps, working tirelessly to maintain the property. The other son, however, was alot more carefree, carelessly spending the money he had inherited. One day, he supposedly went on a business venture, but he didn’t return. After two days, the hard working brother received a message that his wasteful brother was held in captivity and, in order to set him free, he had to pay ransom. The captors had set a date and time by which the money had to be left under a rock near a great oak that grew close to a highway near Moroza, Lustūzī.

The first brother wondered as to what he was supposed to do. The captured brother had to be saved. On the day of the exchange, the first brother put a harness on his horse, took the required amount of money and was on his way to the great oak. To insure his safety, the first brother had taken with him a bludgeon. As he was riding on the dangerous road, he constantly checked his surroundings for anything suspicious. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. He reached the great oak just before dawn. Having placed the money at the designated area, he immediately got on his carriage and, in a quick canter, went straight home. However, just as he passed the first bend, the brother tipped out of his carriage into a ditch. He slept there quietly for some time, listening as his horse, carriage clattering, headed home. He took his bludgeon and carefully crawled back to the great oak and hid in a nearby bush. For quite some time he sat there until it was completely dark outside, calmly waiting. Then he heard silent footsteps. His eyes had already adjusted to darkness at which point he noticed that someone was coming. It was a man who was slowly moving in his direction. The man briefly stood on the highway right across the great oak and then swiftly went to the designated area, where the money was placed. The first brother now knew for certain, it was the nefarious person who was after the ransom. Seeing as he was alone, the first brother, without much thought, charged the man from behind and started bludgeoning and cursing at him. Having received many hits, the man started to plead: ‘’don’t hit me, don’t hit me, dear brother! Let me live!’’ The man had recognized his brother by his voice, leaving the first brother in shock. That’s how the devious brother’s plan to gain his father’s inheritance as well as the hard-earned money of his brother, failed.

Soon after that, news swiftly spread about the wicked intentions of the second brother as well as about their confrontation at the great oak. And, because of that, the locals soon started calling the oak near which it happened, the Oak of Money.