Widely known as a cableway bridge, this footbridge is waterworks building which is created to ensure pedestrian crossing facilities across the Pededze channel. Pededze channel created to solve the flood problem around Lubana. Both the channel and adjacent ditches, a dam and access road were built during the period from 1961 to 1963. Length of channel – 5,2 kilometres. The footbridge was built in 1968. Although initially there was a plan to build reinforced concrete bridge, which at the end was found to be inefficient. These construction works executed by Madona Amelioration Central Administration and operation manager Francis Valainis.

Footbridge total length - 60 m, width - 1 m.

(The total length of the footbridge – 60 m, width – 1m)

Permissible PRESSURE on the bridge - 200 KG!


The project of the bridge were epproved with this stamp.