Museum of Jānis Zābers

at his birthplace was opened 1973 only few months after his death on the singers birthday on 11th August. The memorial concert, which took place at a concert stage next to the house, was visited by more than three thousand listeners of all generations.  For several years to remember the brilliant artist around his birthday time in his father`s house were concerts organized.

To create this public museum the initiative was taken by the singer’s friend, an assistant professor in Academy of Agriculture, a later academic  Sigizmunds Timšāns together with a colleague from theater and opera Maigurs Andermanis. A great support gave the local collectives, Madona Local History and Art Museum in the front with Anna Rudenāja, also Zābers colleagues and friends.

Currently, Museum of Jānis Zābers "Vecais ceplis"(Old Brick- Kiln) is a private property of his family. The singer’s brother Miervaldis has a daughter Gunta Brieze, who takes care of the museum and property.


The Old Brick- Kiln was founded because of Baron Wolf. Jānis Zābers grandfather was a smart boy. The Baron offered him to go abroad to Austria and become a craftsman at brick-making. Kārlis agreed and went to study that handicraft. When he returned, Baron Wolf ordered him to live here and found a Brick-Kiln. The family Zābers lived there for over a hundred years.

With music Jānis was introduced by his father, when he was the first who gave him a violin. Jānis Zābers learned in Meirāni Elementary School, where a teacher M.Tetere encouraged him go further and develop his voice. 1954 Jānis Zābers got in Jānis Mediņš Music School. 1957 he enrolled at the Latvian State Conservatory. 1963 Jānis Zābers went to Rome Conservatory to professor Dž.Favareto, where he studied 5 months. While his staying in Italy, Zābers made a dream of a lot young opera singers came true and became a trainee at opera theater La Scala and a student of Dž.Barra. Since 1963 he had an intensive workload. When he was sick with the flu, he worked from home and was threaded there. Jānis Zābers died after a hard and difficult illness (brain tumor).