Alfrēds Grāvers


Photographer Alfrēds Grāvers almost continuously in 20th Centuries 1st half lived and worked in Lubāna.  He was very known not only in Lubana buti n whole country.

Alfrēds Kārlis Grāvers was born in 23. October 1877 in house called „Branti”. A. Grāvers studied in Cepurītes parish –school, after that in Lubāna Ministry School. On september 1904. Grāvers started the official photographer's work, which lasted for the next half a century. He was very active and on 1. August 1909. on his house first floor was opened a book shop, which was popular for citizens of Lubāna and visitors too.

The photographer was invited to various important family moments - weddings, funerals, initiations. He was very extensive - photographed portraits and group shots as well as theater performances and Lubāna landscapes. A notable achievement is his often Lubāna lake flood observe. Thanks to him we can trace how was built many haouses of Lubāna and how Aiviekstes bridge was reconstructed.