Monument for meliarators

This monument is dedicated to the river dredgers or amelioration workers. The monument was created by Andris Briezis and in Lubāna was set in 2005 by an initiative from Elmārs Sauka, who made a documentary about amelioration works. The dredging works started in 1927 with the aim of preventing the spring flood damage. Dredging lasted 11 years and in that time from the river bottom was taken out more than 3 million m3 ground, so the water level in the lake decreased by approximately 0,4 m, but the duration for 6 – 8 weeks of overflow on flood-lands. The work in the river  Aiviekste was done on the length of 70 km and achieved a straightening of 8 km. These works were carried out by theLake Lubāns adjustment work management, which at the time was led by Antons Kursītits, who earned the Three Star medal for his accomplishments.

„Spekonis” technical data

Ponton size – 34,4 x 12,8 x 2,44m

Boom lenght – 17,5m

Bucket capacity – 3m3

Two boilers total power - 130 hp

Dredger total weight – 420 t

In one shift of digging (3000 m3), it used 10m3 good wood

Dredger details without cost of installation works costed 283 000 lats