Lubāna City school building

The town four-year school was opened on May 6, 1914. It was the first school on countryside, where was the possibility, that both gender can study together. Costs for the building were about 25 thousand rubles; it was a modern building and well provided with school supplies. In this school was also the opportunity to learn German, French and Latin languages. 1919 school changed into a secondary school, but already 1928 to a grammar school, which worked till 1938. Later there was opened a forestry school. Further the school is developing fast and becoming to a progressive and perspective school, which 1965 moves to a new building. After the boarding-house was closed, 1995 in the old school building moved in and started to work the Lubāna Children Art School and later also Branch Lubāna of Madona Children Music School. Right now the Lubāna City school building is in a critical shape and there are not any plans for renovation.  

Memories of Jānis Liepiņš about his teachers

During the German occupation years in Lubāna Primary School special attention was attracted to two teachers, who were in their young years, so they had not been called up for the Legion yet. Both of them were born in Lubāna, but with different education: Valdis Lauva after finishing Lubāna Secondary School graduated Central State Pedagogical Institute in Jelgava, Jānis Ģēģeris - Malnava Agricultural High School. Already in the fourth course Ģēģeris was leading the high school choir with so much passion and competently, that school won the first place at Latgale Sing Festival playing Choir Wars in Rēzekne. Director Pēteris Sauleskalns asked, if Jānis Ģēģeris could assume new duties as choir leader right after graduating agricultural high school in 1927; the young boy agreed and after spending a little while at his father house, he started the work. Later he finished singing teacher courses at Jelgava Teachers' Institute and also improved himself various. 1931 the School Board certified Ģēģeris as a singing and physical education teacher.