Graveyard Visagals

In this cemetery a Latvian colonel was reburied, the first Latvian troops commander Oskar Kalpaks, which undoubtedly has become a legend and a hero for the whole Latvian nation. The Colonel tombstone was made in 1927 by Kārlis Zāle and Arnolds Dzirklis.

At graveyard Visagals is also buried a Latvian poet Jānis Gavars, who published three collections of poetry. He is writing his poetry about a lot of Latvians and them in their daily life, when the war years have already passed by, but the memories are still alive.

In Visagals cemetery you can find one memorial stone for persons, who lived in this area. The memorial stone was completed on October 7th, 1989. On the gravestone are words engraved: „To those who were killed and tortured in war, to those who have stayed for forever in far and unknown graveyards, and to those who are missing.” The memorial stone was made by Andris Briezis.