Ministry School of Lubana

In 1885 a Ministry School in Lubana was grounded on the basis of parish school. This was a common school for people from Lubāna and area of Meirāni. It was founded at a landlord`s manor house in area Ružāni. Right now it is a dwelling house, which has been completely renovated after a fire in April 1971. Till 1971 there was Lubāna Boarding School. Now days the building is used as an apartment house.



In 1909, in the two year Lubāna Ministry School worked three teachers: school administrator Ed. Balodis, later he worked as a professor of economic sciences, Kučāre and Teodors Priednieks. For various kinds of services was am old woman responsible. She was very unskillful and slovenly, so one day at a teacher’s council the decision was made to release her from these duties. Few days later after the old women received this message something happened - in an early morning the Russian Tsar's portrait was taken out of a classroom, brought to the kitchen, torn in four pieces and left on the ground. Students denied their guilt, and in the same morning teacher Balodis went to Cēsis to school inspector Bolotovs.

At that time in Lubāna was a warder (stražņiks) department and to the school came the department director together with his employees - he ordered to summon all of the students so a hearing can be made and the delinquent found. The teacher Priednieks also was questioned.

From Cēsis Balodis came together with Bolotovs. The warder leader who was polish once said that with Bolotovs everything can be settled quietly. Bolotovs was very worried about that: "He, polish nobility, can speak about me like this? About me - a real russian person!"

Soon the school received a document from Folk High Schools Directorate, that all three teachers are discharged - to a different office was moved also Bolotovs. P.Dievkociņš was appointed in his place. Kučāre left to her parents, Balodis got a place in a Latvian Parish School Vitebska as a teacher, also Priednieks worked as a home teacher at a manor house in Kārcava (near Vitebska).

Some months later there came gendarme’s colonel to questioner the teacher again. In the following year Priednieks worked at Cesvaine Parish School, from where he was called for an interrogation to area Birži. Interrogation was held by gendarme’s colonel from Riga. 1910 from Petersburg in Riga arrived the Chambers session and in a public hearing peruse this case. To the hearing were summoned all three teachers and two teachers Lorencs and Šmits who worked there before, as well as some students  Ceimers and Torgāns.  It came out, that 1909 in Lubāna School was opened an unauthorized library. Torgāns and Ceimers confessed that they created it.

All the teachers were justified, except Klāvs Lorencs, who later become a Member of Parliament - in the hearing he told a negative speech against the Russian Tsar. He was sentenced with three years and six months in prison. Also the under aged students were justified.

The old woman who was discharged before her death confessed to the priest that it was she who tore the Tsar's portrait because of revenge.

(A story from Jānis Krūmiņš collection - a Beekeeper in area Gaiziņš).