Zaķu Vecaine

This fallow land, overgrown with lindens and low- branched oaks, near Aiviekste, has been used by the citizens of Lubana for a very long time as an outdoors place for social gatherings. Various outdoor theatrical performances have taken place in this area, with actors gathering from the whole country. The celebrational march from Biedribas building, the centre of Lubana, to Zaķu Vecaine,  where all the musicians, actors and other important persons gathered, was an integral part of the process.The Volunteer firefighter’s orchestra was on the front, leading the march by playing marches and folk songs. The other participants were marching right behind. Unfortunately, Zaķu Vecaine was demolished 70 years ago sometime in July, 1944. The German army dug trenches on the right coast of Aiviekste. Many lindens and oaks were cut down on the Aiviekste’s left coast to provide better visibility to german troops.